EVENT: TCAF Digital Marketplace (May 3-19)

Today through May 19th, you can buy all our books through the TCAF Digital Marketplace!

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival launched this online alternative to the con floor in response to the COVID19 pandemic, creating an accessible option for disabled and immunocompromised creators and readers alike who look forward to this yearly gathering of comics from around the world all in one place.

Even though Power & Magic Press will be at TCAF physically this year (more on that shortly), we didn't want to leave anyone who can't make it high and dry. Our books are available to buy right here on this site, year-round, but only through TCAF Digital Marketplace can readers pop books from all of their favorite creators and indie pubs into one cart and pay one shipping charge.

Take a look around, and (if you don't already) follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we'll be talking a bit more about how each book in our catalog is built different.