We never left, and yet... we're back.

It's been a minute.

Since our last post, that is. We stuck around on Instagram (kinda), and we even got back on the comics festival train last year as part of CAKE's postponed 2020 line-up. A whole lot has changed since we started this press: for the world, for me, and assuredly for you.

A lot is about to change for Power & Magic Press, too. 

The Power & Magic Press logo. A flame icon engulfs an open book with pages flipping. Instead of burning, the pages emit sparkles.

New logo by Eduardo Zaldivar and Joamette Gil.

That's right: a new logo for a new era of the press. Those of you who've been on this journey with us from the beginning may remember this quote of ours:

"We are not the descendants of witches who didn't burn; we're the ones who are still on fire."

The image of a burning book is a complex one. Book bans and burnings are well-worn as tactics for suppressing people, ideas, and (positive) change. But there's one book in particular (a renowned "book of power", you know the one) whose image is routinely paired with fire imagery, in a celebration of the words' power to set one's soul ablaze.

Our books are in no position to spit fire from their very pages; they're the kind people target for tossing in the flames. But our creators have always been on fire, and their special power is alchemy: the magic of the right person, writing the right words (and pictures!), at the right time, for the reader who dares to imagine change for the better.

We look forward to staying in better touch from now on. There's so much else we have to share, and we will, over the course of May.

Thank you for giving us a minute.